HHC seltzer

HHC seltzer

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The Day Drinker HHC seltzer is the first of its kind. Similar to the Original D8 Seltzer, the Day Drinker is also a hemp-derived seltzer. Since the Day Drinker is infused with a cannabinoid called HHC it is THC free but has the same benefits and similar affects of a D8 seltzer. In order to produce an entourage effect, The Day Drinker Seltzer has the perfect balance of the minor cannabinoids HHC, CBG and CBD. Our Day Drinker HHC Seltzer is a healthy alcohol alternative as it contains no alcohol, no sugar, no carbs and is zero calories. So what exactly does it have? Only carbonated water, a few natural flavors, and, most importantly, 10mg of hemp-derived THC free HHC. If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic seltzer, then the Day Drinker HHC is the perfect alcohol replacement beverage; our unique Sativa blend will make you glad to be wherever you find yourself.


No Problem. The Hemp-derived Day Drinker HHC seltzer is THC free and still gives you a fantastic social buzz. Stimulate your senses and try the perfect drink for any social outing. Delta Beverages LLC is a cannabis lifestyle non-alcoholic beverage company. We are looking to change the game of cannabis consumption with consumers. Enjoy all of the immediate effects of smoking cannabis with a convenient healthier drink alternative. Stay tuned for new flavors of these THC free mood-enhancing drinks!


HHC or the technical name is Hexahydrocannabinol, is one out of hundreds of naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is a more rare cannabinoid, and gives similar effects to THC, but is THC free. Consumers describe a more social and “Sativa” like feeling from the THC free cannabinoid.


While we can’t explicitly say you will 100% pass a drug test with either drink, what we can say is that The Day Drinker HHC Seltzer contains NO THC. *Wink wink* (I hope you get the hint.)